In-house PBX solutions

Our in-house PBX solutions, empowering businesses to have better control over their phone systems. With our feature-rich solution, you can elevate your communication capabilities, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Complete Control and Customization

With Pinevox’s in-house PBX solution, you have complete control over your phone system. Tailor your communication infrastructure to meet the unique needs of your busines

Inter-platform conferencing

Conference in customers with peers and agents across different phone systems and contact centers.

Dynamic call routing

Precision Call Routing: Connect calls to the right person based on time, caller interest, location, and more.

Live call monitoring

Ideal for MNCs, managers can monitor calls online. Customized call routing based on time requirements.

Auto-attendants and IVR

Greet customers professionally and automate call distribution to get scale into your business.

Flexible phone options

PineVox ensures seamless connectivity across devices—desk phone or mobile app. Stay connected with customers and team on your office number.

Live call monitoring

Online call monitoring for managers. Ideal for MNCs, with call routing based on time requirements (e.g., multiple support centers, 24/7 services).

In-house PBX Solutions

Extra cost savings when SIP trunking

Using SIP trunks for low-cost calls, both domestic and International, will save money over traditional carriers.

Optimize Expenses with Your Own PBX Solution

Save in the Long Run: Owning your PBX reduces long-term costs, while hosted PBX eliminates upfront investment. Spread expenses over time and reduce monthly operational costs.

Achieve Full Control with On-Premise PBX

Unleash Network Control: On-Premise PBX eliminates long-distance signaling and reliance on the internet, ensuring near real-time communication within your office network.

Effortlessly Expand with In-Premise PBX

Simplified Growth: In-premise PBX enables easy scaling with lower costs for adding new users, no extra licensing fees, and simple setup of remote extensions without additional software licenses.

Enhanced Data Security

Strengthened Data Security: In-premise solutions offer superior control and visibility, empowering you with enhanced security measures for your data and communication.

See why our clients love us

I particularly like the new phone features which have made it easier for staff members to work from home. PineVox team was very impressive in terms of managing the installation of the new phone system as well as liaising with the previous phone system provider.

Manish Bose
Owner| Ikon Dental Suite

I have been very happy with PineVox’s business phone services

I have been using PineVox business phone services for my business for years now and have been very happy with it!

Geetanjali Talwar bhalla
CEO| Vastushastra UK

I can recommend PineVox with closed eyes. We have been using PineVox’s VOIP services for over a decade now. They have never let us down. I can recommend Sanjay Rode and his team at PineVox with closed eyes!!!! Way to go

Pawan A Srivastava
Founder & Director | Smart Adventures Limited

I have been with them for more than 4 years now. They are experts and Professionals. Always answers support calls promptly. They have very good business phone packages, very cost-effective.

Jenny Gibbons

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